REPORT: GCC 2023 Planned Project Awards


GCC 2023 Planned Project Awards is a complete analysis and forecast of the major contracts and projects to be awarded across the 6 GCC states this year including on the Saudi giga projects program, Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas sector, and Qatar post the World Cup. Covering all sectors, the report provides an overview of the main projects to be awarded, along with forecasts for each market.

The following is included in the GCC 2023 Planned Project Awards:​​​​​

  • Understand the hundreds of major projects in the GCC expected to be tendered and awarded in 2023.
  • A detailed overview of each market and sector, together with their main challenges and opportunities.
  • Historical data to compare the forecast with past trends.
  • Identification of the key clients involved in 2023 contracts.