REPORT: GCC Oil & Gas Megaprojects 2023


GCC Oil & Gas Megaprojects 2023 is a complete analysis of the oil, gas and petrochemicals megaprojects (projects with individual capex of more than $1bn) program in the GCC. Covering more than 40 megaprojects, each individually worth more than $1bn, and with a total investment value of more than $350bn, the report summarises in detail each of the projects along with a breakdown of their capacities, locations, stakeholders, timelines, key personnel and phasing.

The following is included in the GCC O&G Megaprojects 2023:​​​​​

  • Understand each of the 40-plus oil, gas and petrochemicals projects in the GCC, each with an individual project value of more than $1bn
  • A detailed and comprehensive description of each megaproject plus future phasing, timelines and spending plans when known
  • Details of known project components such as onshore and offshore packages, offsites and utilities, pipelines, processing plants, and wellhead work
  • Identification of the key stakeholders and decision makers at each megaproject
  • Details on how companies can register and prequalify for each project
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