REPORT: Qatar 2021


Qatar 2021 provides a comprehensive review of one of the region’s most exciting markets at a critical point in its development, and in the wake of the impact of Covid-19 on the country’s outlook, as well as an assessment of the post-World Cup opportunities for business, investment and projects in Qatar.

The report is of high value to anyone seeking to identify opportunities, understand risks and set strategy in one of the region’s most important markets.

Included in Qatar 2021:

  • Detailed analysis of the opportunities for business and projects in Qatar
  • Comprehensive review of the impact of Covid-19 on the Qatar market
  • Outlook for policy and investment in Qatar
  • Update on preparations for World Cup 2022
  • Detailed summary and update on the North Field Expansion programme
  • An assessment of the effect of the GCC dispute and what its end means
  • An update on progress on the Qatar National Vision 2030
  • An examination of energy transition policies in Qatar
  • A review of legislative and worker welfare reforms
  • Project opportunities with client and procurement details
  • Investment drivers and client spending plans
  • Understand risks and set strategy in the Qatar market
  • Complete assessment of the economic outlook for Qatar
  • Analysis of all major business sectors in Qatar including oil & gas; power & water; construction, petrochemicals, transport, and renewables
  • Detailed assessment of Doha’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) plans