UAE 2023 is of high value to anyone seeking to do business in the UAE projects sector. With business and project costs rising, and competition intensifying, UAE 2023 assesses future opportunities, examines market risks, and informs strategy.

The report provides investors, contractors, manufacturers, and consultants with a powerful resource that will help them to identify new opportunities, set strategy, and mitigate risk in the Middle East’s most exciting market.

Included in UAE 2023:

  • Investment drivers and client spending plans
  • Analysis of the opportunities for projects in UAE
  • Assessment of economic risks including inflation, global slowdown
  • The impact of Covid-19 on UAE projects
  • Outlook for policy and investment
  • Project opportunities with client and procurement details
  • Understand risks and set strategy in the UAE market
  • Complete assessment of the economic outlook for the UAE
  • Updates on the Vision 2021 and Centennial 2071 development visions
  • Analysis of all major business sectors in the UAE including: oil & gas; power & water; construction, petrochemicals, transport and renewables
  • Detailed analysis of the markets in each of the UAE’s seven emirates