REPORT: Saudi Arabia 2021


Saudi Arabia 2021 provides a comprehensive snapshot of the region’s biggest projects market in 2021 and examines the immediate impact of Covid-19 on the country’s outlook, as well as an assessment of the long-term opportunities for business, investment and projects in the kingdom.

The report is of extreme high-value to anyone seeking to identify opportunities, understand risks and set strategy in the Middle East’s biggest projects market.

Included in the Saudi Arabia 2021 Report:

  • Detailed assessment of the long term opportunities for business and projects in the Middle East’s biggest market
  • A comprehensive review of the impact of Covid-19 on the Saudi market
  • Outlook for policy and investment in the kingdom
  • Projects opportunities with client and procurement details
  • Investment drivers and client spending plans
  • Understand risks and set strategy in the Mena oil and gas market
  • Complete assessment of the economic outlook for the kingdom
  • Update on the Vision 2030 reform agenda
  • Detailed analysis of all the major business sector in the kingdom including: oil & gas; power & water; construction, petrochemicals, transport and more

In a nutshell, the Saudi Arabia 2021 report will enable your success in the Middle East’s biggest market.