REPORT: Libya Oil & Gas 2023


Libya Oil & Gas 2023 is a comprehensive review of the project trends, opportunities, and challenges in what will potentially be one of the world’s biggest emerging projects opportunities. Released in late April 2023, the report looks forward at the major oil and gas projects emerging in Libya as the country returns to normality after a decade of turbulence.

Included in Libya Oil & Gas 2023:

  • Complete picture of the Libyan oil and gas projects market
  • Review of planned investments and major deals and contracts
  • Assessment of new opportunities for business and projects
  • Policy priorities
  • Projects opportunities with client and procurement registration details
  • Client spending plans
  • Understand the structure of the oil and gas industry covering NOC, its subsidiaries and joint venture EPSA agreements
  • Details of key oil and gas fields, pipelines and downstream assets with maps and capacities
  • Update on the Vision 2030 reform agenda
  • Key contacts at each of the client companies
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